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We are continuously looking for exploration, production and secondary recovery projects to purchase.

If the projects meet the ROI (Return on Investment) criteria then attempts are made to acquire them. Once these projects are secured by a binding letter of intent industry partners are sought to join in the project.

Exploratory Prospects

Oil & Natural Gas ProductionExploration prospects must exceed minimal acreage requirements (for development purposes) if a discovery well should be encountered. The royalty and overriding royalty interests must be at such a level that the net revenue interest yields an acceptable payout based on the initial production and cumulative production estimates. Prospects use quantitative technology when ever possible (i.e. seismic surveys, soil gas geochemistry, fracture studies) to confirm subsurface mapping.

Production Purchases

TEI personnel are always looking for oil and gas fields that could be purchased economically. These fields usually will have an upside that can be provided by TEI staff adding value once they are purchased. This added value is realized in finding productive zones not previously perforated, and that are cemented behind the production casing, or in other cases by initiating secondary recovery methods.

ROIIn some instances, deepening of existing wells or extension of fields will yield the added value to improve the ROI. These production-enhancing targets are identified prior to purchasing the fields. Once the production has been secured via letter of intent investors will be notified of the opportunity for investment.

Contact Us to see the current opportunities available for investment.