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Oil and Gas Production

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Illinois Basin

TEI currently operates numerous leases in the Illinois Basin encompassing in excess of 5000 acres. These leaseholds represent over 220 active production and injection wells.


Operate/Operated in excess of 70 wells in the State of Indiana. These wells varied from shallow Pennsylvanian wells, to upper Devonian-aged carbonate reservoirs. Fields produce under both primary and secondary recovery methods.


Operate/Operated in excess of 120 wells in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. These wells are primarily Middle Mississippian sandstone and carbonate reservoirs produced under primary and secondary recovery methods.


Operate/Operated in excess of 40 wells in the State of Illinois. Wells range from late Pennsylvanian sandstones to Late Mississippian carbonate limestones. Many of the fields were under secondary recovery programs implemented by TEI.

Williston Basin

TEI is participating in several horizontal wells (with industry partners) in the Williston Basin (Bakken Formation and Three Forks), to develop 5000 acres.

Michigan Basin

Southern Reef Trend

Drilled and produced Niagara Reef (Silurian Reef) wells. Drilling techniques were vertical and medium radius directional drilling and horizontal drilling.

Antrim Shale

Performed an extensive geologic study and subsequent royalty acquisition in this shale gas formation, located in NE Michigan. In addition did several seismic exploration projects in the Northern Reef trend.

Trenton/Black River

TEI participated with other operators and drilled its own wells in an extensive exploration program utilizing 3D seismic adjacent to the prolific Albion-Scipio Field in South Central Michigan.  The Trenton/Black River reservoir is a fractured enhanced vugular dolomite located in structural sags and exhibit hydrothermal solution and mineralization.  The Albion-Scipio Field has produced over 124 MMBO and 205 BCF while the adjacent Stoney Point Field has produced 13 MMBO and 28 BCF.  Some production was discovered by was uneconomical, the remaining acreage is being evaluated and the seismic reprocessed.